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Terms and conditions:

These rules set out the general terms and conditions of participation that apply to the competition organised by SOUDAL nv/sa as part of its promotional campaign for Lotto Soudal VIP. In the period from 1/10/2021 to 29/11/2021, SOUDAL nv/sa is organising an international Monopoly promotion: “100 SOUDAL Monopoly games to win”. The promotion will be run in numerous DIY shops all over the world. At the end of the competition, there will be 100 winners. The terms and conditions are set out in more detail below. To enter the competition, all that is required is to complete the registration form on the website

Article 1
SOUDAL nv/sa, with registered office at Everdongenlaan 18-20, BE-2300 Turnhout, will organise a competition that starts on 01/10/2021 and ends on 3/11/2021. The competition will be open to any adult with the exception of employees, agents and representatives of SOUDAL nv/sa, who may not enter the competition.

Article 2
The competition will be held in the participating countries mentioned later in these terms and conditions. Participants may enter for free via the site No purchase will be required to enter the competition.

Article 3
The competition will be supervised by SOUDAL nv/sa. SOUDAL nv/sa will make any official rulings which are necessary to ensure that the competition is run fairly. The decisions of SOUDAL nv/sa will be irrevocable and may not be contested.

Article 4
The competition’s prize will be a personalized SOUDAL Monopoly game. There will be a total of 100 winners. The prize may not be transferred to another person or exchanged for cash.

Article 5
The competition question and the tie-breaker question will be asked before the participant is asked to complete his/her personal details on the site For an entry to the competition to be valid, the form and personal details must be fully completed and the competition question and tie-breaker question must be answered. The competition may only be entered via the website.

Article 6
Only correct and fully completed entries (form + competition question + tie-breaker question) will be treated as valid entries to the competition.

Article 7
The competition will be held between 01/10/2021 and 29/11/2021 23:59h (GTM+1). There will be 1 draw in this period, which will take place on 11/12/2021.

Article 8
The dates for the draws and the final competition entries will be as follows: 1) Determination of winners: from 11/12/2021 2) Competition entries: until 11.59 pm (GMT+1) on 29/11/2021.

Article 9
During the competition, the number of entries will be limited to one per postal address or person only one prize per participant may be awarded. The first entry will count as the valid entry.

Article 10
The competition question will be as follows: ‘Which SOUDAL product of the Fix ALL Range is mainly red and black?’
The tie-breaker question will be: ‘How many people will participate in this competition?’

Article 11
After the competition, the answers to the competition question and tie-breaker question that are closest to the correct answer will be deemed to be the winning answers. The closest figure higher than the correct answer will take precedence over an equally close figure lower than the correct answer. SOUDAL nv/sa will choose a number of winners from these winning answers on the basis of their (closest) answer to the tie-breaker question (see Article 10). In the event of a tie, the time of receipt by SOUDAL nv/sa of the form with the answer to the tie-breaker question will be decisive: whoever sent the form first will have the advantage.

Article 12
The answer to the tie-breaker question will be determined by SOUDAL nv/sa, and will only be relevant for correct and fully completed forms that have been submitted by the stated time for each competition (see Article 8) via the website

Article 13
Each winner will be contacted personally by email by SOUDAL nv/sa. Participants who do not win will not be contacted.

Article 14
SOUDAL nv/sa accepts no liability for any problem that is directly or indirectly, partially or wholly the consequence of circumstances outside its control that seriously impede or render impossible the execution of its commitments. In such cases, the winners will be informed of this in writing.

Article 15
The organisers reserve the right to change these rules unilaterally at any time or to cancel the competition in the event of force majeure or any other event outside their control.

Article 16
No written or verbal communication will take place about the competition rules.

Article 18
The winners must be legal citizens of the participating countries mentioned below:
● Australia
● Austria
● Belgium
● Bulgaria
● Finland
● Germany
● Hungary
● Poland
● Portugal
● Romania
● South Africa
● The Netherlands

Article 19
Participants must be at least 18 years old. Entries from persons under the age of 18 will not be valid.

Article 20
If SOUDAL nv/sa discovers any fraudulent behaviour or abuse by a participant, it has the right to exclude this participant from the competition.

Article 21
If there are fewer participants than prizes, not all prizes will be awarded.

Article 22
The winning participant must respond within 48 hours after being contacted by SOUDAL nv/sa. If they fail to do so, SOUDAL nv/sa may choose a new winner.

Article 24
In entering this competition, the participant accepts that the competition is governed by Belgian law.

Article 26
Typographical or linguistic errors of any form in these terms and conditions will not be discussed.

Article 27
Soudal has the right to modify these rules at any time.

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Soudal asks each participant for a number of items of data. These data are necessary for the following reasons:
Name: We need the participant’s name in order to address him/her personally in communication.
Date of birth: We need the participant’s date of birth in order to ensure that he/she is 18 years or older (Terms and Conditions Article 19).
Email: We need the participant’s email address in order to contact him/her if he/she has won a prize.
Telephone: We need the participant’s telephone number in order to contact him/her if he/she has won the top prize.